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    Hook up definitions differ according to student attributes (ie. Male students claimed to hook up more than females.

    Males may have overreported to enhance their social status, while females may have underreported to appear less promiscuous.

    Ambiguity decreases the risk that peers will disapprove of discussed behavior, but may increase misunderstandings between among peers discussing the hook up.

    Spontaneity is another central feature of hooking up.

    Wade notes that hookup culture is “a rape culture, a set of ideas and practices that naturalize, justify, and glorify sexual pressure, coercion, and violence.” Wade doesn’t often inject herself into the narrative, but this is no dry, academic study — her lively, natural voice comes through in lines like, “So, yeah, there’s an orgasm gap on college campuses” when she discusses the privileging of men’s pleasure, and “Welcome to dating, kids!

    It’s a thing grownups do that is weird and miserable” when she discusses her students’ difficulty in transitioning from hooking up to dating after graduation.

    The most common definition was “unplanned sex between two drunk people in an uncommitted relationship.” Students overestimated the amount others hooked up.

    Red book hook up-8

    If close peers discussed hookups in a disapproving manner the student’s frequency of hooking did not reduce, but the taboo surrounding hooking up did.

    “The corrosive elements of hookup culture are in all of our lives,” Wade writes.

    “In our workplaces, in our politics and the media, within our families and friendships, and, yes, in bars and bedrooms. It makes no sense, then, to shake our fingers at college students. If we want to fix hookup culture, we have to fix American culture.” When we have a new president who has exhibited the worst of hookup culture — a culture where groping and denigrating “locker room talk” about women are normalized — it feels all the more imperative for us to transform hookup culture into a sexual culture that is more inclusive, more equal in its distribution of pleasure, more kind.

    Conversely, if students talked to not close peers that disapproved of their hook up behavior, it reinforced the student’s own disapproval about attitudes.

    According to Hollman and Sillars, the more diverse set of people (ie family, or friends) a student talked to, the more they thought hooking up was common and safer (more than it actually is).

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