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    Updating r4ds firmware speed dating game addicting games

    it won't let me format and the properties a re showing the card has 0 space used and 0 free space. If anyone can help me please fix this problem, I've been trying to find a solution for this for a few hours now, and I have gotten nowhere.I gave my DSI to my nephew and he updated the DSi..I have read online that new games have r4 or other emulator protection i don't konw if this is true but new games don't seem to load, my r4 isn't that old unlike the original that some people use, so i am deeply troubled by this and if anyone has anyidea plz help.I have an R4 card, and after I did the System Update on my DSi, an error comes up, and I'm not able to play any games. Is there ANYTHING that I can do to fix this problem?and thats about it- NOTHING HAPPENS WHEN I PUT THE R4i GOLD CARD ON THE PC.

    I fixed the corrupted SD card by fromatting it in a mobile phone and then used the Panasonic SDFormatter to reformat the card to the correct size.

    After downloading the lastest kerenel, I copied it onto my r4 and replaced the old one.

    As per the instructions of updating there should be no problem.

    To find the software for your specific R4 card, check the links @ the bottom of the vendor's page after you click on one of the R4 links below. Soon when I tried to play on my Ds the screen says ' System File is missing' I dont know what to do. So when I put it in my computer it showed all the files and then everything was gone..said nothing can be saved and may be lost. Hello, so basically i happened to stumble across an r4 card, now i haven't owned one before and i have no idea how to use one, by the way i think it is one of the newest versions because it says "R4i 3DS Revolution for DS (N3DS/NDSi XL/NDSL/NDS) on it, it already had a few games on it but i wanted some more, anyways i youtubed a few videos and ended up downloading win RAR, and went on and downloaded 2 games to see if it worked, it said there wasnt anymore room on the sd card, its 2gb and there were only a few games on it. hi i like have been googling for hours unzipping and raring for nights and i still cant fine to solution....

    Here are the different types of R4 cards: Wii Love Mario recommends the following reputable R4 vendors. Click on the tabs below to see all R4 vendors: Like people have previously messaged I have a blank screen and Menu? I have a R4 card and NOT R4i PLEASE I BEG OF YOU.... All of the firmware/software seems like its genuine but there must be something Im not doing, the Menu? Now my computer does not recognize the card and says it needs to be formatted. I have a DS Lite : P I plan on downloading new games but should I ??? So i took one of my own micro sd cards and tried downloading the games on there, they are on the sd card but when i put the sd card inside the r4 card and try to play it all i get is a "loading..." and it never ends up loading, so i'm not sure what is wrong with it, and i guess i'm doing it wrong. bought our card 2nd hand with games already on it and i want to add some more so i have extracted files into files and have "dragged and dropped" into the "computergames" where all the others are, i know have a "rio.nds" file and a "rio.sav" file in there like all the other games have but i TOO ALSO keep just getting the loading and than a blank screen that never loads??? lol - its soooo bloody frustraiting, i have 3 kids screaming at me to play all these games i have scored them and there showing up but theres nothing there....

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